Second Ramon Family Tragedy

Israel Air Force captain Asaf Ramon, who was killed on Sunday after his plane crashed in the West Bank hills, was the son of Israel's first astronaut Ilan Ramon, victim of the 2003 Columbia space shuttle explosion.

ILAN RAMON                                


entering Columbia in preparation for blastoff                        in a formal NASA portrait


FOREVER laid flat for reading

The Basic accordion is 7.5 inches high and 10 feet long; and is made up of 52 panels and pictures.  It includes a multi panel drop down of Ilan Ramon's Biography as issued by NASA and single and multi signature books including the story of the Holocaust Torah.

FOREVER's size and construction, make it difficult to read in display.

A series of READERS like the one shown below are being created so that more people can share in the story of Ilan Ramon and the Holocaust Torah that are now FOREVER part of the Universe.          



While many know me as the Cyberscribe who originated a series of PEACE projects
and as the Official BusyBiddy who is seldom at a loss for words
I was unable, until today, to find an OUT OF THIS WORLD subject.
Then, in the darkest of night as rain poured and wind whipped
I knew that this book would be
Words about ILAN RAMON
and the Holocaust Torah he carried into space.

This is not an Israeli book or a Jewish book
It is images of souls, hearts and dreams remaining ever above us to remind us ...
It is a fulfillment of my own family’s commitment L'Zachor — to remember

So ... as I dedicate my art to Ilan Ramon and his six friends on STS-107

I remember my dad and HIAS who gave me 1121 first cousins and my mother who let him ....
and ... I thank:
our Hilde
who daily reminds me of what friendship means
nd who, as a true survivor, rekindled my interest in the Holocaust ...
the writers and reporters who generously allowed an unknown CT bookmaker to use
their words and images
 Anne Binder who envisioned OUT OF THIS WORLD and twisted my arm with encouragement

Barbi Striar Disraelly
Stamford, CT 02.02.04

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