In 1987, Hillel, Ari, Deena and I went to Israel with my dad ~ better known as Zayda.

It was a bittersweet trip ~ shortly after G'ma died ~ 
but we celebrated family simchot ~ Itzie Evers' Bar Mitzvah and Arik and Dorit's wedding and did a lot of touring.

And  ...  Deena and Ari got their pictures taken everywhere including the Bahai Gardens in Haifa

In 1989, we brought Rachel ~ Deena's Russian Bat Mitzvah twin ~ to America for a month.  
Since then, Hillel and I have returned to Israel several times.
Rachel and her family were always part of the itinerary
but for Deena this was the first visit to Israel in 20 years
amd the first visit with Rachel in seventeen.

There was a world of people to meet and some wonderful family to play with
From Ari and Hillel who stayed at the JFK with us long past the witching hour
to the extended Genusov family who gathered to celebrate Ron's second birthday

I had to smile at the sign our driver carried ~ no one refuses Adina ~
and he wondered at our insisting on visiting the Arrival's Chapel and Adina's Parochet and Shulchan cover

Together Deena and I met Neil and Gila Weisbrod.
His Friendship with Ilan Ramon and his photographs encouraged my Book FOREVER

Adina, Dr. Shara, Rabbi David, Marlena
We don't just make friends, in Israel and here ~ We grow Family

Deena will tell this story.

Yaniv and Moran, Bracha and Micha

Oren's parents Yossi and Miriam ..... Oren, Ron, Rachel and Bar

Aliza, Leron and the Birthday Boy


Tamir~ our guide at Yad Layeled, Gaby, Marlena, Miriam



A Child Survivor's statement from Yad Layeled

Nina and Tuti, Luba, Elena and Grisha


Shuki at Keeshoorit

Adina, Deena and Hadar ... Pretty in pink ~ Shira

Carmel, Goldie and Nina, Yardane, (Hallel is hiding) Hadar, Sharon, Tuti, Maya, Shira, Sharoni 

Emil, Soosie, Penina, Yael, Hadar, Sharon ...

 Luba ... Sari, Oshrit, Estee

You can visit Adina's Showroom and some of these friends at Chutzot Hayotzer in Jerusalem

Prime Minister in Training ~ Maya

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