Dear cyberscribes and calligraphy friends all
Deena and I were talking about WEATHERGRAMS

when she announced:
     I know that the artwork done today
                                         will be the best artwork ever done
I squeaked

AnnE's hand will be guiding all of us!
she said

Be it her hand, her memory or her image

I know that our love for AnnE will mark our work forever!
and I hope that she likes the words Deena asked me to share
and that Roger asked her to present at the Celebration of AnnE's Life


Everyone has an image
A picture that they keep
To keep on shelf or fridge or heart
To pull out when they need

For some, the picture’s silly
A rose between the teeth
Or purple shoes, crocs I believe
Standing beneath the sleet

Some will picture angel’s wings
Another star up in the sky
Footprints on a sandy beach
Or a warm hug in the night

But for me, the picture’s clearest
Printed on the page

Today is all about the art
Created, guided by our sage

Her hand will help draw beauty
And her hand will help find peace
If we let it guide our work
Today, we’ll find a bit of each

Shirts by AnnE of the Tassells
Weathergrams from scribes around the world

The best attribution would be: 
from the famous and the infamaous ~ all who loved AnnE

When Deena walked to the podium, I remembered that
when AnnE was first told that her Cancer had recurred; Deena created an ATC that grew into a greeting card and framed art that has spread around the world. We included it in the book and are sharing it with you here.

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