Hi everyone. 

First I want to thank you all so much for being here today and for being such important parts of all of our lives.  It means so much to our family to feel the love that surrounds us and see just how deeply Mom's amazing life touched you all.

If you know me at all,  you know that I'm overflowing with emotions today, on the verge of both tears and laughter, because we all know Mom would rather hear the laughter. 

So what I'm going to share with you is something I doodled for Mom last year.  I had just turned 25, and realized that meant it was the 25th anniversary of motherhood for her, so I made her a book entitled 25 things I learned from my mother for her 25th mothers' day. 

It wasn't easy to narrow it down to just 25, but I think I scratched the surface of what an incredibly wonderful mother Max and I realize we have and some bits of her wisdom we'll never forget. 

So.  Number 25 ...

25.  never walk barefoot in an art studio
24.  family is much more than just whose genes you share
23.  blank white walls are so boring
22.  don't buy jewelry you can make yourself
21.  anything can be improved with a little paint and a few words
20.  the beatles, jackson browne, springsteen, james taylor,
              and bonnie raitt rock

19.  friendship isn't limited by time-zone, age, or culture
18.  once-in-a-lifetime experiences are worth every penny
17.  beauty isn't in your hair, it's in your soul
16.  shakespeare isn't just an old dead guy
15.  when creativity is in your blood, you are very very lucky
14.  there's nothing wrong with a little, or a lot of, retail therapy
13.  npr is actually interesting
12.  being a strong woman is about a lot more than bodybuilding
11.  art is incredible in all its forms
10.  laughter absolutely counts as exercise
  9.  girls can do anything
  8.  there's nothing that a phone call to home won't help with
  7.  a yard full of green grass is overrated
  6.  champagne should be used to celebrate anything worth celebrating
  5.  growing old is something we should all strive for and appreciate more
  4.  pink is powerful
  3.  prayer is more so
  2.  all you need is love, and all love needs is us
  1.  chocolate is by far the most important food group.
Thank you

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