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Posted to Cyberscribes ~ 20 February 2010

Dear Calligraphy Friends,

Odyssey 2010 is pleased to announce that we are naming our Young
Adult Scholarship in memory of Ann Van Tassell and calling it the
Dancing Letters Young Adult Scholarship. This scholarship is
designed to encourage young adults to pursue study in calligraphy by
making it possible for them to attend a calligraphy conference.

For those of you who may not know who Ann was, she was a larger than
life attendee at many conferences as well as a frequent contributor
to Cyberscribes. Ann was always excited, enthusiastic, and eager to
learn. She was always there for everyone- answering questions, giving
encouragement and much more.

As Ann said in one of her posts to Cyberscribes, "I love being around
the creativity that flows like a mighty river through every
conference I've attended." We believe that Ann would be turning
somersaults at the idea of Young Adults being able to share in the
same experiences for the first time. These young people are important
to the future of the calligraphic community.

This year, through the generosity of the calligraphic community,
there will be several young adults attending Odyssey 2010. It is our
plan that the Dancing Letters Young Adult Scholarship becomes a
permanent part of the larger calligraphic community.

For more information on the scholarship or on Odyssey 2010 please
visit our website at

Elissa Barr and Aimee Michaels
Co-directors, Odyssey 2010

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