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40YEARS and leave a memory to share.  HUGS

Thanks & Hugs to Flora and John Castrovillari of New Vision Photo for being our friends and for this photo ... 
John has developed and printed our photos for years, taken those infamous head-shots and passport glares,
photographed and printed the Pieced Paper PEACE Quilt, and watched Deena and Ari grow.

Ari and Kiernan ... Lynne and Steff ... Myles and Lise

Forty Floating Candles ... Deena ... Bernice and Lester

Danya, Tom, Soozen and Teya ... John, Flora 

Kiernan ...Kimmie, Brian, Robin and Nikki ... Mitchell and Stephanie

Julia and Deena ... Mort, Barbi and Carl 

Teya, Gideon and MIranda ... Mike ...

Ari and Maria ... Kimmie, Rick, Soozen and Steff

Marlena, Barbi and Michael

Kimmie, Marlena and Steff ... Kiernan, Roy and Sonia ... Joy and Charles

Miranda, Steven and Gideon ... Mort, Vivi, Hillel and Scotti 

Hillel, Barbi, Angeliki and Ari ... Steve ... Ari and Deena

Soozen and Tey with bubbly water ... Portrait by Damon Grant ... Danya
Damon came into our lives and hearts when he and Ari were SHS Freshmen
He, Arianna and Kiernan and Randy's parents ~ Sonia and Roy ~ are special players in our extended family.

Anna and Reed ... Jon, Dianne, Karen and Gary ... Rick and Gail

Dan ... Robin

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