People talk about resolutions breaking
almost before they are made

My promise ~ to know one but me ~
is to make a year of art
using what I have
even if it means cleaning a room or two to find the supplies

It all began with an invitation for New Year's Day

AND ...
An impromptu gift from Andrew van der Merwe
a calligraphy friend who takes his breaks carving all sorts of wonderful stuff
on the beaches around Cape Town

For Dr Deena it was a time of memories and surprises

Deena baked and baked

I made stars from new paper

and butterflies

from left over pastepaper, cardstock, and wire

I created a book celebrating Dr. Deena
messages from the immediate world

with digital washes of scanned artwork and photographs

medal samples, old rhinestones and gifted butterflies ...

OK ... so I had to buy printer paper
and recharge the batteries for my camera

I filled an on-hand photo album with new prints
and retrieved some frames

Back in Stamford, I spent the large part of a day on a photo collage
Included are a sampling of the people
who have played important roles in Deena's life ~
Those who have taught her the things that her knowing astounds others
Those she loves
Those she mentors
and the messages and symbols that make her smile and give her strength

The Chewy Shipper carton that held the the delicious Dancing Deer cookies reminded us that Deena's Master's Thesis was based on
Trusted Suppliers ~ Trusted Shippers

Over the next week, I hope to "go back to" Israel twice

and possibly to conference 2010
and post the photos and the stories i should have told then

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