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        NEW                     With know new art supplies

        CLEBRATING        We don't make friends. We grow the family.
        2012   &                 The immediate world is bigger and smaller than we imagine 
        DR DEENA          

Been there ... share the memories

                                        ADINA'S SPECIAL DAY
        ISRAEL                  The family grows
        YOM KIPPUR       Adina's grandchildren are all joys   
        SFARDI  STYLE 
  Rachel and Oren expect their third
                                 and i get to play with Lizzie and Liron's son
                                 and Chanan and Lily's two grandkids

                                         ILAN AND ANNA
                                         They made Aliyah ~ We make the trip

        ISRAEL                    We don't make friends. We grow the family.
        HAVE SIMCHA       Important members of our family include 
        WILL TRAVEL        the extended families of Deena's Russian Bat Mitzvah twin
                                   Rachel Genusov Kissler and my Israeli sister and dear friend
                                   Adina Gatt




                                          LIZZIE and LIRON
        ISRAEL                     We don't make friends. We grow the family.
        NEEDS MORE         Important members of our family include 
        THAN A WEEK        the extended families of Deena's Russian Bat Mitzvah twin
                                    Rachel Genusov Kissler and my Israeli sister and dear friend
                                    Adina Gatt


        ISRAEL (?)              The abbreviated saga of mother and daughter   
        IN SEVEN
             who travelled 12,000 miles, 
                   spent seven days together
                                  completed many circles of friendship and love
                                  and are still speaking with each other
                                  Ari expressed it quite clearly:
                                  We don't make friends. We grow the family.

        FORTYYEARS       This was truly a time to  CELEBRATE LIFE   
      CELEBRATE LOVE and surround ourselves
                    with those who care.



        ADOPTION              Began as a personal/family project project ...   
STORY                 designed when my niece Soozen and I
               found that there really were none available
                                  that met the needs of our own family.

                                  Each book starts with an original story,
                                  handpainted backgrounds, custom designs,
                                  unique photo frames and layouts.

                                  They are not "fill in the blank" books
                                  or the adoption equivalent of holiday stories
                                  which ~ by computer magic ~ suddenly include
                                  your child's name, age and pet's name
                                  along with stock images and drawings.

                                  These books are actually your story
                                  told in your words ~
                                  with our help if you need it ~
                                  at the right level for your child
                                  blended with your photographs
                                  and our graphic skills
                                  to provide a lifetime treasures

                                  Adoption Story Books are not intended
                                  to replace the LIFEBOOK
                                  you may want to  create for or with your child
                                  Or the treasure box of important documents
                                  and momentos ...
                                  altho we can help you with those too ...

                                  An adoption story book captures a small slice of time
                                  and a piece of the history before it happens

                                  Our first book was for a three and a half year
                                  old "big sister" waiting in America while her
                                  parents left for two weeks to finalize the
                                  odoption of her little sister.

                                  Our second book became the lifeline of a 26 month old,
                                  was carried into a Russia courtroom, and
                                  clutched thru 10 days of adjustment.

        ATCs                       Artist Trading Cards
                               which began in Europe have been gaining
North America.    

                                   The rules are simple:
                                   Artist Trading Cards must be 2.5 by 3.5
                                   ATCs must be no thicker than can fit
                                       in a standard baseball card holder
                                   ATCs may never be sold.
                                       They must only be traded or given freely

                                   I came to ATCs thru exchanges initiated,
                                   organized and run by my friend and
Cyberscribes creator, Teri Martin; and am
                                   captivated by how quickly so many have
                                   become enchanted with creating these
                                   miniature pieces of art that are so
                                   enjoyable to create that they are easy to
                                   share freely.

                                   I have participated in several topic
                                   designated exchanges within Cyberscribes
                                   and have created other ATCs as gifts for
                                   very special friends, for the Red, White and
                                   Blue Sharing I run each year, for gallery
                                   shows and to express my consistent wish
                                   for Peace and Support of Our Military.

                                   Some pieces are graphics intensive while
                                   others are collaged photography ~ mine
                                   and our daughter Deena's ...
                                   The words are usually mine but I have also
                                   invoked the poetry of Samantha Simbal and
                                   DH Lawrence.


        THE GATES             An interactive SmallBook project
Walking thru Central Park on a bitterly cold
                                   February day was not on our agenda;
                                   but when our friends Barb and Jay flew in
                                   from Berkeley to walk the pathes for days
                                   we had to join them at least once.

                                   For me, the images were to be seen
                                   thru my camera lens and recorded
                                   on my heart.  They have become framed
                                   photos and SmallBooks.



        PEACE IV              What started as a megillah

        tattered                 a scroll to salute and thank our military
        lives                      became not a series of quilt gifts     
        tattered                 but its own story  .....
        dreams                  possibly never to be told
                                    The pieces, however, have been birthed
                                    as images easily seen on the internet
                                    and as a mini book ....
                                    a story that will be told.

         cards that pop up, flip & slide
by                      Those who have participated in Sharings
         Michael               on Cyberscribes or seen some of my
Jacobs                books know that I credit Michael with
                                  sharing the tools to climb out of the box.                                 
                                  I am proud and grateful that Michael
                                  chose to include my work in his new book.

                                  Even if you have already taken classes
                                  with Michael, there are new inspirations
                                  and ideas in each of his books and on his

Remembered Fondly

    DRAGON Project ...

    Summer 2004
    For the joy of it ....
    a group mixed media book organized by Joan Merrell
    for raffle
    at CONFLUENCE 2004 in St Louis

    Featuring oils, acrylics, pastels, iris art,
    copperwork and handmade papers

    This handmade book will be raffled
    to benefit ACA and Cyberscribes ...
    Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance
    contact Anne Binder
    and  ... SEE IT IN ST. LOUIS


    March and April 2004
    a mixed media show curated by Anne Binder
    at The GLANCE GALLERY South Bend, Indianna

    Featuring Oils, acrylics, pastels, book art, lettering art,
    wearable art (in the form of an alien costume),
    masks, monoprints, photographs ...
    writers, poets and lettering artists reading their texts

    The show will include my newest book .... FOREVER


    Words and images of solace and remembering
    about Ilan Ramon and the Holocaust Torah he took into space.

    The artist gathering was held Thursday evening, March 25,
    and was greatly enjoyed by the viewers and participants.

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