AnnE saw her strength in all of us
sent us power when most we needed it
was truly loved and will be long remembered

to Jacqueline and Jill
who created the paper, the book, the box
and to Jan for collating much of the mail
and to Elissa and Aimee
for creating the Dancing Letters Young Adult Scholarship

The book and box

arrived in Alexandria before I did
and were ultimately imprisoned with us
in the Blizzard of December 09

We saw snow, ice and thermal underwear
but were warmed by AnnE's art

Ultimately ... we tied it all up

and stuffed the carton with so much love for Roger and all
that Fedex couldn't get up the hill to deliver it

Jan penned her thoughts

&rew captured her name and her spirit

At the CELEBRATION, Maura examined the book

and Jerry's very special Doodles recipe

On February 19th, I read Elissa's words again
looked around at the family we've grown
and knew exactly what they meant

&rew ~
Mostly I believe AnnE is looking over my shoulder
telling me to quit being so maudlin

AnnE's personal Tassel-o-gram

With Maura's cat and a pigtail down her back

Jenni and Ryan's Wedding was the day of 999 roses
and AnnE cut and dethorned each one

AnnE and her sister Gail

Barbi, Marura, AnnE and Tiggy

AnnE, Roger, Jenni, Ryan and Max

Queen AnnE resteth upon long time friends Debrah, Nancy and Robin

Shhh!  Don't tell anyone!
In early September, I let balloons loose
The final pink one was for AnnE
and she said it got to Blacksburg

AnnE designed this logo for Relay fundraising items

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